SriLaasya Hospital with tag line of Quality health care always located at Gandhinagar Kakinada is a multi speciality hospital with

Gync/ obs , Pediatrics and Dermatocosmetology services being offered in affordable costs to all sections of society.

Started in 2015 with a vision to commitment and excellence by Dr. Thrimurthulu Rayudu (dermatologist) and Dr Radhika (Obstetrician & Gynecologist) are running a dedicated mother and child care hospital with round the clock obstetric / high risk obstetric services and

full fledged dermatology OPD services with dedicated cosmetology unit with all kinds of procedures( chemical peels, Lasers {Diode}, Excimer for vitiligo, PUVA/ NBUVB Phototherapy machine, Dermabrasion, hydro peels,boxy peels, minor skin surgeries, vitiligo ultra thin grafting, punch grafting, suction blisters, Deramscopy {Dermalite DL4}, Advanced Trichoscopy, PRP, G-PRP, i-PRP, {remi 8c plus machine}, Cryotherapy, Ionotophoresis, Acne surgery, Nail surgeries,  Skin biopsy etc )  available as day care setup

Sri Laasya Hospital in Ramaraopeta, Kakinada

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