Advanced Cosmetology

Our world-class cosmetology techniques are performed by a seasoned surgical panel whose work has made waves across the Indian cosmetology landscape. At Sri Laasya Hospital, we have kindled hundreds of stories of confidence through cosmetology, each one certain to inspire you to embrace the best version of yourself.

The skilled team of cosmetologists has expertise in understanding the requirements of every patient and his/her skin type and provides individually customized care. The team also specializes in the procedures using advanced and minimally invasive techniques with minimal discomfort, minimal downtime, and no obvious scars. Some other services offered by the department include a broad spectrum of healthy hair solutions, effective skincare and body-shaping solutions along with beauty tips and education on improving internal health. The team also focuses on providing the patients with superior methods to enhance their appearance and hence feel more confident about their personality.

The team offers quality skincare counseling and expert consultations to all the patients in a very soothing and pleasant environment.