Pediatrics is concerned not only about immediate management of the ill child but also long-term effects on quality of life, disability and survival.
Pediatricians are involved with the prevention, early detection, and management of problems including fever cough & cold diarrhea and other minor problems in the child.

Our Team of Pediatricians at SriLaasya Hospital are very well trained in handling such sick children and also advice on effective immunization.

Dept. of pediatrics at SriLaasya Hospital deals with

1. Pre delivery counseling and immunization of mother
2. Effective interventions and care of the baby at the time of delivery
3. Blood group testing and proper advice accordingly
4. Immunization of the infant
5. Phototherapy in case of physiological jaundice
6. Warmer and Oxygen therapy in case premature baby
7. Regular follow ups and visits by pediatricians
8. Dedicated well trained pediatric nurses round the clock helping the mother in lactation and baby care